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Re: any chance ill get arrested

Posted by breakcrieslive on .
its been so many years since i first started downloading this stuff like youd think as soon as they see something illegal they would go after me but idk

" I'm an evil scientist, what do you expect? This isn't a game."

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lmfao like ive been downloading games totally legally (totally) for YEARS now like since i was 11... any chance the police are gonna fine me for it? i dont torrent at all but i do download and emulate games that i dont own a physical copy of... are the police building a case file on me rn? when i turn 18 will they just arrest me? dang but to be honest i dont emulate new games, mainly just ps2, wii, occasionally psx... is it really that big of a deal for them. living in fear JOKING but ehhh idk how to feel. im not dropping money on a game that hasnt been sold retail for 18 years guys!!

Re: any chance ill get arrested
DerpySnake -- 5/17/2022 10:17 am UTC
Re: any chance ill get arrested
NAMELESS -- 11/30/2022 9:19 am UTC