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News: June 1, 2022

Posted by Vimm on .
The PlayStation 2 Vault and Wii Vault are now crowdsourced and uploads are flowing in steadily. Next up is the Nintendo Vault. No-Intro recently introduced a headered NES catalog so the plan is to switch the Nintendo Vault from GoodNES headers to No-Intro headers.

An online emulator has been added to several Vaults to play games right in your browser. Supported systems include Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Genesis, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance. Each system has the same easy to use interface, courtesy of emulatorjs.

The Vault's review backlog continues to dwindle, with only 150 Nintendo and Super Nintendo reviews left dating back to 2008. Some of the email addresses are still valid providing folks a blast from the past when their decade old review is processed. New reviews continue to be processed quickly, so keep them coming!

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