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Re:Re: Data error when extracting PS3 games?

Posted by Sid_zn on .
Wait a second i thought it was from my unzip software
Have downloaded singularity and Castlevania Lords of shadow which nearly took about 20h

I saw someone else had the same issue with Devil may cry

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Hey I am having the exact same issue with at least 4 different games. Sorry I am new to the boards. I have gone through the FAQ's ad nauseum regarding this particular topic. So I am having the same severe issues with unzipping/extracting the files of several different PS3 games from this site (Tony Hawks Proving Ground, Fight Night Round 3 and 4, and a few others). Guitar Hero 5 and Guitar Hero Metallica extracted without issues and are running well. I have utilized 7-zip for years as well and I am very familiar with most of the different emulators. I have re-downloaded the files at least 3x each as well. The volume of data matches with the download. I can peek into the archive and observe the necessary files are present. However, these 7-zip files will not extract without serious errors (no eboot.bin files, major data sections missing, etc.). I am curious if there was an issue with the dumping/archiving process? Any help would be appreciated!

Re: Re:Re: Data error when extracting PS3 games?
Rauskiz -- 6/18/2022 10:21 pm UTC