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Re: MetalGearSolid Legacy Collection VS HD Collect

Posted by Sid_zn on .
First disc is literally hd collection with 2 digital novels that you have to go to video column if you want to see them(or go to YouTube)
Second disc is mgs4 v2 which is missing the online multiplayer part
And when you buy the legacy collection you'll get voucher code for digital psn version
This means there's no mgs1+vr mission on the disc

Best you can do is to get the PSN versions so you don't have to lose space for gamedata installs and it will load faster

In reply to: MetalGearSolid Legacy Collection VS HD Collection posted by Wombo on .
Don't know if this has been asked before, but when I downloaded the Metal Gear Solid Legacy Edition, it seems to only have the games on the HD collection. Even though they take up different amounts of space. Is this by design?
The Wiki says the Legacy Collection has all games up to 4.
Any help appreciated, Thank you :)

Re: MetalGearSolid Legacy Collection VS HD Collect
XenoTheStrange -- 9/2/2022 6:25 pm UTC