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Re: PS3 Torment

Posted by Zengobag on .
OH.. PS3 1TB HDD soft modded, oXbox modded with 2TBHDD.. PS4Pro Legit with 512GB memory stick as extended storage (PSVR enabled).. Laptop too so I can help!!!

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I can do POP Trilogy for PS3 and Xbox.. PS3 paid for on PSN but I do have links if interested for PS3. How do you want it?? On my PS3 now.. I used another site to get it.. Not sure if Vimm will allow the link but let's see.. I'm willing to download games that are not listed here yet so I think I deserve a favour... Downloading "Enter the Matrix" USA which will be uploaded when done - about 2 hours left for 5.1GB file.. Link may not be one that Vimm likes but NEVER had viruses/worms from it..
Hope it is accepted and enjoy POP!!!

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