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Re: PS3 Torment

Posted by Zengobag on .
Might have issues.. Folder won't copy over to Xbox. 40 files with possible file length issues (text folder). Should be OK if Xiso is written to a DVD with imgburn but can't confirm DVD will work as not tried.. Blank DVD's aren't that expensive now (unlike in the 1990's - £1+ per disk).. Might be worth a DVD burn to test and if you do, can you post here for others.. thanks.

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Thanks so much for your response & resource. Enter the Matrix was one of my favs, had it on Gamecube. So far romsfun is holding it down, aside from the stupidly long waits in between. I have Guitar Hero(es) PS3 Iso & Pkg if needed. Including the first 2 which are not even backwards compat for PS3 but works for me :)