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Re: Downloading problems

Posted by DoopyKong on .
Oh, I see what you're saying now.
Mine were not showing up at all before. When I got them to work in the viewer I assumed .pdf download worked as well. That is not the case.
Just like you said, it looks like any manual updated recently does not download correctly as a .pdf.

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I've had a few uploaded at 300 but max has been 600, it still hasn't corrected the issue. I did take a look at a few other manuals and attempted to download them and still got the same error so I'm at a loss for what's causing it. From what I can tell only manuals uploaded a while back can be opened as a .pdf so I'm wondering if it has to do with the uploading system that seems to have been updated in the relatively recent past.

Re: Downloading problems
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Re: Downloading problems
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Re: Downloading problems
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