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Re: Manual Project + other goodies in game box?

Posted by Vimm on .
The miscellaneous stuff would be nice to catalog but The Manual Project is focused solely on manuals.

In reply to: Manual Project + other goodies in game box? posted by TheKidDaydream on .
I am scanning quite a bit of Xbox games for the manual project, and in some of them, there are other pieces of paper included inside, other than the manual itself. (EX. Star Wars: Clone Wars included a mailing paper to sign up for Lucasfilm news) They aren't technically apart of the manual, but could be desirable within the project. Do I put them in as pages?
These are the 'goodies' I have found thus far:
- Microsoft Games booklet
- A mailing paper for Indiana Jones & The Emperor's Tomb
- Aforementioned mailing paper for Clone Wars
- A mailing paper for SEGA
- A mailing paper for SEGA + GAMEPRO
- A game with two separate manuals (being NCAA Football 2005, with Top Spin)
- A paper to register a game + bonus content (Colin Mcrae Rally 3)
- Multiple different used (and surprisingly unused) XboxLive trial papers + codes