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Re: Final Fantasy on PS1 just replaying credits.

Posted by Darkriser on .
is your controller configured properly?
if so, then try to check and make sure that the file is properly extracted.

if both are good, then make sure that the BIOS is properly placed in the right folder.

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In reply to: Final Fantasy on PS1 just replaying credits. posted by JuneBug on .
I am new to emulation and am trying to play final fantasy 7 on duck station. After downloading the game files of Vimm's lair I extract the .7z files to get a .cue and .bin file for each disc(duck station doesn't see the .7z so I assumed extracting with 7zip was the logical next step). Upon starting the first disc for both a .bin or a .cue it would just replay some credits in a loop. If anyone could offer any information on how to fix this I would greatly appreciate it!