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Hidden Vault I Think?

Posted by MustafaXxBlack on .
Hello i am a new user i have been using this last summer and my question was today when i wrote devil may cry to search for all console i saw Xbox 360 and i was curious since i saw that none of the game was available so i wrote metal game and i saw Xbox 360 again and was also not available so i went to google and wrote vimms lair xbox 360 there it was the xbox 360 vault it had nothing like nothing i wanted to know why is this a hidden vault or did it get deleted?

Re: Hidden Vault I Think?
pabloni21 -- 8/23/2022 6:57 pm UTC
Re: Hidden Vault I Think?
wickedface -- 8/26/2022 1:07 pm UTC
Re: Hidden Vault I Think?
R3tr0 -- 8/30/2022 11:35 am UTC