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Re: Possibly more sustainable way of hosting Vimm

Posted by pezpmocuivunmnx on .
The issue I see with this solution (aside from the one time initial "cost" of uploading everything) is in order to successfully achieve the speed boost ipfs would provide, people would need to download and run ipfs on their computers (so the claim no special software is requires is not completely accurate). While it would be possible to use a gateway to download without installing ipfs, the additional downloads to not add to the total number of people hosting the file, so the overall speed would not increase.

In reply to: Possibly more sustainable way of hosting Vimm posted by zorb123 on .
I know that hosting costs money and that ads must be served in order to pay for it. What do we think about though. It basically uses the same idea as torrenting in a way to keep websites decentralized. This also means that Vimm's Lair would be more resiliant to attacks and likely download speeds would increase. I am interested to hear what others think about this. A big downside would be that the link you get to the website is random characters, but you don't need tor or any special software like that to access it, just a normal browser works.