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Posted by jimmy on .
That would be interesting. You can find the raw size from redump/no-intro dats, but I don't know of a non-scraping way find the total compressed size of a set.

The PS3 fullset is roughly 33 TiB raw. If the downloads are encrypted then that probably translates to 32 TiB compressed as most of the sectors will be encrypted and so incompressible. If the downloads are decrypted then that probably translates to around 20 TiB compressed for the full set.

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i was wondering if anyone could tell me where i might find the file size for the vaults themselves was just interested in the logistics of size when it came too ps3 games in total of life of the console and though this vault is not an exhaustive list its really close.
any way to do this?

Re: was just wondering something
DerpySnake -- 9/5/2022 1:39 pm UTC