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Posted by Ey3onn on .
I'm getting a similar issue with God of War 3. Was wanting to replay the old God of War games ahead of God of War Ragnarok's release, and so fired up the emulator. It seems that 21 cutscene files aren't extracting at all for unknown reasons, and this issue is the same with both winrar and 7-zip. I'm guessing that there was an incomplete compiling, or that the data was corrupted somehow? All the same, the issue is there even though when peeking into the files with 7-Zip all of the files are there as they should be with file size matching and everything.

A few of the files that aren't extracting include the endcredit scene, a few of the Chronos scenes, some of the bonus scenes, etc. And while I know many people might not care about missing cinematics, it can break the game. And since those are late-game cinematics, I'm sure you can imagine why I might be concerned.

Has anyone figured out a fix for this yet or should I just not bother?

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I was able to download skate 3 yesterday but today when I tried to install Infamous, Driver San Francisco and Splinter Cell Blacklist they all had data errors.

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Ey3onn -- 9/5/2022 7:42 pm UTC