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Where can I get the PS3 game update files?

Posted by Ey3onn on .
Hey, so I can't see any threads about this after going through the 10 pages of forums (a search function would've been much easier), so I'm making one.

Where can I get access to game update files so that I can play the games with the patches and fixes?

Clearly they're not being included with the games from this site, for one reason or another, and it would be great to get them for the games I've downloaded so far before I realised this so that the last 13 hours waiting to download just 3 games wouldn't have been for nothing. Those update files are usually essential for emulation patches and fixing game-breaking errors too, alongside graphics errors such as artificating and missing textures, ai pathing errors, audio glitches, broken terrain, among other significant matters. So they are fairly important by my understanding.

If there's no one archive of the update files for PS3 games for someone to direct me towards, then could someone at least point me to where I could get the update files for the God of War games? Specifically God of War Collection, God of War Ascension, and God of War III? I've spent the last 13 hours or so downloading them only to realise that there's no update folder included, so I'd appreciate a way to update those at least.

Thanks in advance for the helpful advice/recommendations.

Re: Where can I get the PS3 game update files?
WindiiGitlord -- 9/6/2022 1:16 am UTC