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Allow Download Managers for users with bad wifi

Posted by RandomPrimary on .
Hello, I'm a frequent user of your site, and I download roms I'm unable to dump on my own. I recently discovered my PC can run RPCS3, yet sadly the game files are very large; this is an issue personally because I have a very unstable and slow internet connection. Almost any time I download a ROM that's over let's say, 8 gigs, the download is interrupted, resulting in a download failure. I understand you try and stop the use of download managers to save bandwidth, but there's no way for me to download games over a certain size without them, because they come with throttlers (which prevents my hotspot from overheating and crashing) and you can restart failed downloads in most cases, even with HTTPS connection. Thank you for reading my proposition, please consider it if you would be so kind. For context, I use the FOSS download manager known as Motrix. If there is a Linux-compatible download manager that does work with your site, may you please direct me to it?