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Re: best place for different file types?

Posted by Cyrrouss on .
You don't need to download chd files, as chd files are incompatible with achivements so Cues (and their bins) are available for people by default to download...
What you need is CHDMan... Just google for it... What you have to do is to put the premade script and the matching parental exe in the same folder and double click on the chd premade script and tada... You'll have another CHD file in your folder for you to grab... VoilĂ ... Enjoy!

In reply to: best place for different file types? posted by ire5933 on .
im getting roms for a retroid pocket 2+. it is incompatible with .sfc files for snes roms and .cue files for ps1 games. where can i go to get .smc snes roms and .chd/.pbp ps1 roms?