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Re: Option to submit missing data for games

Posted by Vimm on .
I'd love more data but the player number and release year are time consuming to verify. Lots of sites have inaccurate data and I don't want that, so I'd rather have missing data than bad data. It's great when I can grab it from the box art but even that's not 100% accurate.

Languages are provided by NoIntro or Redump so send corrections there. They could be searchable in the future but for now they're not stored separately in the database but are parsed from the title, which makes searching impractical.

In reply to: Option to submit missing data for games posted by liggliluff on .
Some games are missing information such as no. of players, year of release and languages available.

For example: #24963 (no. of players), #24975 (languages), #67264 (year of release)

Sometimes this information can also be incorrect, such as for #25330 which states languages "en fr", but the language select in the game is actually "en sv fi de fr ru cs".

The language info is missing from the game view:

Advance search doesn't let us search by language either.

If there was a simple option to fill out missing values with them showing up right away (perhaps marked as user submitted), and also report these values as incorrect. That would improve the quality of this vault further.

Re: Option to submit missing data for games
liggliluff -- 9/27/2022 2:14 am UTC