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Re: Brigadine PS1 broken/unplayable

Posted by DerpySnake on .
Afraid I can't help here, but I'd like to congratulate you for trying things you were unfamiliar with, especially in an attempt to fix it before asking for help to see if you could do it.

"NintenDON'T sue me please haha"

In reply to: Brigadine PS1 broken/unplayable posted by Rexxorn on .
I extracted it, and it gave me 18 bin files. I load up the cue file. Nothing happens. Load up the 1st bin file, game loads up, I get to main menu, select someone to play as, then it goes black and then nothing else happens.

I then opted to combine them all into one bin file instead of having to deal with 18 different files. Took me forever to hunt down the correct info. But finally merged them into one bin file.

Loaded it up. Main menu, select character, this time it says "Now loading..." after I picked my character. But once again nothing happens. Just a black screen.

From what I can see, the files were poorly done or are just broken. Nothing I do changes anything. Its sucks to get excited about playing a game only to reach the realization that you can't play it.