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Re: Un-dub of Urban Reign?

Posted by TigerBrawl200 on .
I guess you can say this is a re-import. LOL
The Japanese version is awesome.

What's weird is I still respect and adore the western release.
Just I think this game deserves as Un-dub/balance like the Japanese one.

In reply to: Un-dub of Urban Reign? posted by TigerBrawl200 on .
Now this is a different site, but I was curious if anyone could make a un-dubbed version of Urban Reign?

The game is actually pretty much done in the Japanese version. The main difference is that that most of the text is in Japanese. Also the buttons have been switched around when navigating the menu(Circle is the yes/action button and X is the cancel/no button). However, the buttons for gameplay are perfect. Just the menu stuff can be modified for a western style (X for yes/action and circle is no/cancel).

The game-play, sound, difficulty and everything else is perfect.

This is a really awesome game too and one of my favorites of all time.

Just throwing this idea out there.