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Re: yall got any good reccomendations (any game)

Posted by Tricob on .
NES only:

I'm kind of a Rare junkie, so Battletoads, Snake Rattle And Roll, and R.C. Pro-Am all get my votes here.

If you know enough about my webname's history, then you'll know it comes from segments of an NES game - Cobra Triangle. This is a boat-controlled action game, and it has a perspective like Zaxxon. Every level has a different goal - one level has you collect pods, another involves stealing mines and destroying them, another involves protecting humans from alien abduction (no kidding), and yet another level involves battling a giant sea monster. There is a frustration factor, and the game has one potboiler level - "Race To The Finish" (Level 12 if you take my routes). This level uses the worst music in the game's soundtrack, and it takes the trial-and-error approach way too far. If you were given nice little items here and there, the level would be a lot less tiresome. It's the only major flaw in an otherwise highly recommendable game.

For games more like an arcade game -

Ms. Pac-man. Grab yourself the Tengen version and enjoy a wonderful list of options. Several maze sets, several difficulty settings ... this game is crammed with delights. Ms. Pac-man's munching sounds like a laser cannon, and that gives the game even more character still. You've never seen Ms. Pac-man quite like this.

Qix. Of all the ports there are of this arcade game, this one still remains the best. The self-running demo is a major showcase here.

Tetris (Tengen version). Place this alongside the licensed Nintendo version, and you'll be shocked at how much better the Tengen version is. Like Tengen's Ms. Pac-man release, Tengen Tetris is jam-packed with features, and includes one or two player modes, and a soundtrack from the arcade game.

- Tricob.

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the recommendation doesn't need to be vintage or old, i just have not decided to look on any recommendation websites cause they all steal that stuff from like IGN or something. all untrustworthy. i like stuff that challenges me and has secrets that aren't stupid cryptic.