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Re: Wii Hangs after starting game

Posted by thewhat on .
Not sure if it's relevant to what you're experiencing, but I did run into problems with just a few specific games (I remember COD Black Ops off the top of my head) while the majority ran fine on my Wii. It's been a while but if I recall, it came down to changing the CIOS (I believe) number in USB Loader GX for these games.

Maybe try googling the specific titles you're having trouble with and see if there are any recommended tweaks. Best of luck.

In reply to: Wii Hangs after starting game posted by rbo07 on .
Hi all, what can be the root cause hen the Wii hangs after starting a game?
Some games works fine, but others, after starting the game (it's being recognized by the Wii properly) the Wii hangs/got stuck and needs to be restarted. I checked of the relevant items so far. Could it be a setting related to the game itself? Thnks for your response!