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Repugnant Bounty developer here

Posted by Skittles on .
Don't worry I love this site. Use it all the time. Just a couple things i want to correct:
Repugnant Bounty is GBC exclusive, not GB compatible. It does, however, have a sound test exclusively for SGB. (for some reason i couldn't rename the file to .gbc and idk why so if someone wants to fix it by all means, please do.)

Because this is my first game, I would appreciate it if you went and purchased the game if you feel its worth your while once you've played it. That's about it!

There will be one final revision of the game releasing at the end of the month, and a physical version later this year. can't say much on it though.

Gonna go continue working on my next game now. peace!

if you have any questions lemmie know

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