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Re: Reviews page links not working

Posted by scottbeck79 on .
Have you tried another search engine? Honestly, I don't like using Google for very much, especially from a phone. Duckduckgo & Brave just seem to find whatever it is I'm looking for much better, even past the idea of finding anything "truthful". Since it's well known Google uses algorithms to show what they want or if you are logged in, it's catered to you specifically.

Duckduckgo has become "Google-lite" but in my experiences even to current day, I'm getting way better results using that and the Brave browser. Firefox might be another option but I have limited experience with that one & Bing flat out sucks in my opinion.

If you give those a go, I'd be interested in hearing about your experience.

In reply to: Reviews page links not working posted by SassySadie31 on .
Hey Vimm, using chrome it seems that for games with multiple pages of reviews, none of the links to take you to next pages work, when clicked the page updates but shows no reviews. So, the only way to actually see all reviews seems to be the 'Rate it' link. Think you ought to know about that!