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Posted by Vimm on .
Thanks, I've always done my best to make the site as clean and professional as possible but not all of The Manual Project is up to my usual standards. It's mostly just a matter of time. Anytime I'm free to work on it I'd rather really be doing something else, so I do.

I occasionally see database errors while I'm browsing the boards so that's probably why downloads aren't completing (they constantly ping the database to let it know the download's alive). I'd love to ditch Windows 2000 Server but I'm not willing to shell out another $1000 for Windows Server 2003 R2 just to support a hobby. This server was hot stuff when I built it back in 1999 and it's been running Vimm's Lair ever since. I had another system I could have used to replace it but I donated it to a relative instead. With hardware going on 8 years old I'd say I've gotten my money's worth from it. I'll make sure to reboot it more often so that it stays happy.

In reply to: problems posted by finally3 on .
This site is awesome! I have tried a few manuals, and then I tried many, many more. There are a lot of problems with just trying to download what's here... from downloads not completing their cycle, to manuals that are just broken links. I am not complaining as a normal "this sucks" member. I want to give what I can to help. Do you need money to invest in better hardware to support bandwidth? Do you need another site to adopt the Lair? This is the greatest collection of manuals anywhere (obviously), but there are a lot of problems. and I would like to see service to match image. What can we do to help?