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Re: Site Support/Membership

Posted by Zorroc on .
or maybe someway we can send in a storage device and vimm can download a copy of everything you need on to it. i would happily pay to send in an SSD and get every game i want. plus vimm can make a little extra cash for upgrading/maintaining the servers without selling roms. this way he is only providing the service

In reply to: Site Support/Membership posted by preston041901 on .
I'd be more than happy to support the site since me and my cousin use it quite a bit. Was wondering if higher bandwidth speeds for those willing to pay would be a good idea. I'm aware it's been asked to the point of frustration by people entitled and wishing for free faster speeds, along with a huge vault. But I'd gladly pay as Vimm is the most consistent and highest-quality site for out-of-production content. If a membership style is not the route the owner would like to take, that's completely fine. Wanted to ask fellow community members for their opinions anyway.