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Re: News: January 12, 2023

Posted by ZigsL on .
That is great news but with the Switch 2 on the horizon and the incoming shutdown of the eshop, you guys should REALLY look into getting Citra and all the 3DS games ready for this site before it's all gone for good and no one can ever play them again once their physical 3DS well and truly dies.

"Yes we are"

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Happy New Year! The new Xbox 360 Vault continues to grow and is now 70% complete. Thanks to contributors the Dreamcast Vault is now 100% complete, the PlayStation Vault is nearly 100%, and the PlayStation 2 Vault is growing steadily. International content has grown tremendously so The Vault now lists games from your country/region by default, rather than defaulting to US games.

Recently No-Intro has decided to remove pirate, aftermarket, and homebrew titles from their standard .dat files, so they will be removed from The Vault automatically in the coming days. This should make maintenance easier since these titles generally cause the most changes.

Re: News: January 12, 2023
CheezyFriez12 -- 1/17/2023 6:55 pm UTC