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Posted by Talldog9 on .
Also learned the translation may have been completed but idk.
iPad autocorrect fkd up title with ‘jack 3’

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A bug when emulating Jak 3 on Aethersx2 must enable the partially(?) complete Japanese translation in Jak 3. According to the internet the creators were in the process of translating it but never released it in Japan.
A note should be affixed somehow to the Jak 3 page that says something like this

After the initial cutscene intros press Start
Select the third option (out of 3 total)
Select the first option (of 5 total)
Select the fourth option(of 5 total) then use left or right to select the right flag for your language and press x
This will switch the language. FYI the subtitle and audio language will also need to be changed next.(3rd & 5th option on same screen)

Another FYI After changing it from Japanese the Japanese options for these three settings (Japanese flag has red circle) won’t be available again as it shouldn’t have been an option to begin with.
Has anyone who understands Japanese tested this game to see how complete the subtitle, menu, and audio translations are? Just in case Japanese people want to use it like that…

Re: Jack 3 Aethersx2
Talldog9 -- 1/16/2023 8:55 am UTC