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For those afraid of the law...

Posted by HopelessWeeb on .
Look, I have been emulating old games for YEARS, and the FBI still hasn't knocked on my door, (which btw this IS their department, just watch any DVD and it says it right there before the movie even starts that the FBI investigates piracy and can fine you for up to 250K, blah blah blah...), so I think the lot of you are fine regarding piracy.

However, if you download and emulate games from the current or previous generation (Xbox Series/PS5, Xbox One/PS4), you're both breaking the law and just completely missing the point of emulation. Here at Vimm, at least, this is upheld, and only systems from 2 generations ago are available here (360/PS3 or older).

So yeah, you're all safe, as long as you just have common sense. Don't emulate newer stuff, don't try to make money off of the software, and don't try and stream old Nintendo games(Lol(But seriously, they come down HARD on people emulating their games, especially if you're making money off of it through streaming or videos. I know it's a sort of joke in the community, but it can actually be serious if they know about you doing it)).

Alright, that's all I wanted to say. Stay safe out there, folks.

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