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Re: Tenchu Z

Posted by jaguarxe on .
hello, consider it done friend, I'll upload the Tenchu Z right now, only that the server sometimes takes up to a day to show it, we are working on completing the entire xbox 360 game base, and I'm going in alphabetical order, but I'll make an exception for your request, check tomorrow night January 18 or already until January 19 and your game will be there, if there is any more that is not on xbox 360 ask for it. regards

In reply to: Tenchu Z posted by Lumpy on .
I've looked all over and have found numerous links that supposedly have Tenchu Z .iso files but all of those sites are known among various message boards as very sketchy and... less then trustworthy.
I really trust this vault and have seen google results for "Tenchu Z .iso" that link back to here but it seems they were removed, any chance they'll be put back in the vault?