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Re:Hello! I am new here RE:Info for noobs like me

Posted by scottbeck79 on .
To answer your 2nd question quick, I don't believe there's any way to contribute other than uploads, helping people with questions, etc. I am assuming you meant monetary donations.

As far as download speeds that just depends on what you're downloading from and your internet speed. Hardwired is always going to be better than WiFi so go that route if that's your only option to speed it up. There are other sites also - Lately I have found that CD Romance is pretty good and also has alot of games already patched with translation and hacks from Romhacking dot net. They're pretty ambitious over there.

There are also plenty of other legit sites to download games one by one, which is what I do as I'm pretty much a noob on emulation and how all these files work - example being I downloaded some Sega CD files that were CHD files so they wouldn't work on my Raspberry Pi. I needed BIN/CUE files which I did find on CD Romance. Also, there are websites that have "rompacks" which I learned about from the YT channel "DrewTalks" and a few others although I haven't used those yet. One of them is called "" which you need to sign up for; I did, just haven't figured it out yet. The other I ran across, which I don't know how reliable it is or what format the files are in yet but I browsed the site & they have quite a bit. It's called "".

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Is there anyway I can get faster download speeds? Is there a place to contribute to the site? Thanks