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Re:Hello! I am new here RE:Info for noobs like me

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NES English Patched

You can do this with any system they have available. The website is easy to navigate. BY THE WAY -- If I didn't mention it, this website is where I found the CORRECT files for Sega CD (Bin & Cue). Turns out TurboGrfxCD & PS1 also uses those same type of files. members

Mainly RPG packs

EBZero full list

EBZero - Collection of emulators

Massive list of classic systems

ChadMaster - Full List

ChadMaster - English Translation Rom sets; PS3, Xbox, Xbox360 started

*Mentioned in comments in above link

ChadMaster - Retroarch System Files (BIOS\Firmwares\OSs)

RetroGameChampion - HUGE Str Guide & ROM collection

Storage Manager

Long Accordian

eadmaster - look at user's favorites


The Software Capsules Compilation

PC Games on Rasperry Pi

PKG archive searches - I still don't know what should be in ISO format vs PKG on a PS3, haven't got that far yet but plenty of forums talk about it.

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Is there anyway I can get faster download speeds? Is there a place to contribute to the site? Thanks