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PDFs of manuals & MUCH more! Read this....

Posted by scottbeck79 on .
I found these two by chance looking for something unrelated to game manuals, but in one of the user's page I've been frequenting on, "CHADMASTER", I found in his 'favorites' a link to what looks to be close to or is the full collection of Playstation 2 manuals as well as SNES Manuals on user "K1rkl4nd". He titled them accordingly.

Kirkland's Manual Labor - Super Nintendo - USA - 2K version

Kirkland's Manual Labor - Sony PlayStation 2 - USA - 4K version

Now, I don't have the time to personally upload ALL of these here so that's why I'm posting the links here as well as in the manual project section as I think that forum is sometimes overlooked. These dumps are less than a year old so I'm not sure if he's uploading more or what the case is but I am 100% sure there are manual collections for every game system; if you look at the bottom right in these links you'll see other links to places like Manuals: Contributions Inbox, The Manual Library, Additional Collections -- which goes for everything that ever came with an instruction manual so you'd have to sort out what you're looking for. If someone wants to take the time to dump them here or other websites and knows how to do that "in mass", by all means, the more the better I say! I haven't figured out how to dump these more than one at a time anywhere so this is just the easiest way to spread the information in my eyes.

Another Archive user by the name of "RetroGameChampion" that has an extremely large (if not complete in some cases) collection of games, guides, manuals, old gaming magazine ie GamePro, EGM and I think even Nintendo Power if I'm not mistaken -- point being, his is the largest most complete I have found so far. He also has his own website as well as discord that he's very active on.

At one point, I was one of those people that would ask questions about how, where, who, etc etc etc because I didn't know what to even do key word searches for. This is a foreign language to some people and speaking even for just myself, when it comes to the technical jargon with all the ins & outs of emulation, especially with rom hacks, translations, New Games on old systems etc etc etc....let's just say classes should be offered for this shit! lol.... So, that's why I'm sharing what I have learned and hope others do the same because let's face it, we were ALL new to this at some point whether it was yesterday, last year or 25 years ago -- So every now and then, it would be nice to help a brother (or sister) out with posts like this.

Archive User links that I discussed here --