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Re: not sure this goes here but need assitance

Posted by DerpySnake on .
Don't worry, correct place. Just to let you know, I'm awful at stuff like this but those who can help will need a few things:

Emulator used? I assume Xemu since it's the only option here.

Specs & OS? Can be quite useful.

Games used? Might just be the games you're trying are broken

Exact problem? Gonna be honest, this post is quite vague in what the problem actually is. A better explanation of what happened would help.

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In reply to: not sure this goes here but need assitance posted by DuckyTales on .
SO i cannot figure out how to get regular xbox emulation to work i tried to find a readme for instructions but i am not sure it has one if i looked wrong ill look again though but assistance please?