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Posted by InfernoDestiny on .
I have just learned I own a cannon scanner lol. So I think I'll just use that. I did want to ask, is it worth going past 300 Dpi on a scan? I think does 150,300 or 600. I'll just use 300 to make file size smaller?

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Heya, super new to uploading things and wanted to try and help with some manuals for games I have. What's the best way to get a clear image? Is a phone fine or should use my real camera? I personally love this site and want to help if I can at all, thanks.

Re: New to uploading/preservation
Vimm -- 4/5/2023 6:16 pm UTC
Re: New to uploading/preservation
InfernoDestiny -- 4/3/2023 4:42 pm UTC