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Posted by Cyrrouss on .
I'm pretty sure Vimm is THE One in charge...

One Vimm to rule them all, One Vimm to find them all... One Vimm to bring them all, and in preservation keep them...

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Hi there, I posted here a while back and didn't get a return ( I have moved forward into writing my conclusion work/thesis into digital preservation by fans, or collaborative digital preservation, as I had to call it to make it sound a bit more academic.

I am looking to contact Vimm or anyone in charge of this project and other similar projects. If anyone knows how to and is willing to help, please feel free to contact me. The idea is to present as much reliable information as possible about the size, objective and difficulties faced by these projects, to then show how important they are to digitally preserve games and culture. Ideally, I would give a fairly quick questionnaire (it can be anonymous), to verify all the information I gathered and even more.

I haven't found many academic works on this subjects, so I am also glad to take any works you know of that I can source on this.

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Re: Could I contact Vimm or someone in charge to t
BradleeTheNerd -- 5/26/2023 2:15 pm UTC