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Re: Struggling to get remote to work with Dolphin

Posted by bunkeyscow on .
dolphin supports "MAYFLASH W010 Wireless Sensor Dolphinbar for PC USB Wii remote adapter used on PC Windows" its the bar like the wii has. You can add wii and wiiu controllers to the pc. now, you can play any wii game with real controller support. You can also use wii controllers add-ons too.

In reply to: Struggling to get remote to work with Dolphin emul posted by MadRabbit on .
I am having difficulty to play Mario Wii with a generic PS3 remote on the Dolphin emulator.
The Generic remote works fine in the configuration, with all chosen buttons responding.
But when returning to the game screen, the remote does not work.
What am I doing wrong?
Do I have to use a Wii remote? I prefer playing with a PS3/PS4 remote.