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Re: MK Armageddon is twice its size? what?

Posted by thewhat on .
One would think so yes. If your problem is a file system limitation, you can try Googling something like "fat32 4gb ps2" for a workaround, assuming that's the platform you're downloading for.

In reply to: MK Armageddon is twice its size? what? posted by jumbo on .
The game was a 2gb download, extracting it made it 4gb. and that's causing my problem of moving it onto my USB drive where it says "file too large for destination file system". I need to put it on this drive so I can put it on my Steam Deck. It should work, because files under 4gb will transfer, and this "2.02gb"game is now 4.06? I can work around this, but should it actually be that big?