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Assistance with uploading a game

Posted by wirtsroom on .
System: PlayStation 3

Hi! Forgive my lack of forum etiquette, it's late night for myself and I have a strange inquiry. If that is alright...

I was browsing through your Playstation 3 collection, and I have yet to see a listing or request for the game, "Trash Panic," released in '09, released exclusively for the system.

However- I think I own the digital copy of this game on an account! And, if I could upload and archive the game, this could be great! I am not sure of how to, though- I haven't ever done such a thing!! I mostly would like to archive it for my mother- it is one of her favorite games. :)

Unsure, though- perhaps I have missed a listing or two... I am not familiar with these kinds of sites, so thank you in advance. If I could even be pointed in a right direction, I'd appreciate it.

Peace and love!