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Re: What does "1S" "2S" mean next to game title.

Posted by KenD1988 on .
I did not even realize it was just for Saturn haha I have been on a Saturn kick lately and the old ROMS I had weren't all great.. So I have been updating my library and noticed those markings. You are correct though.. I found this on Reddit...
"They refer to a code physically printed on the disc itself. Sometimes there isn't even any difference in the data contained on the disc (in which case you'll see multiple codes in the file name), other times it will point to an unknown revision. The number itself doesn't seem to correlate with the date of revision, either; it's possible for 3S to be earlier than 1S. If the differences are known, you can sometimes find them on sites like TCRF, but often it's not known precisely what was affected without disassembling the data."

Thanks again!

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Is this just for Saturn games? I've read that apparently it's a code physically printed on the discs, though apparently there's nothing typically different with the game itself.