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Re: Wii - YDKJ DLC Edition - Fixed

Posted by Danielle on . hosts ROM hacks, but you have to upload it as a patch file and not as the whole ROM.

In reply to: Wii - YDKJ DLC Edition - Fixed posted by Ape8000 on .
I fixed the issue. The PS3/XBOX DLC now fully works on the Wii.

Does anyone know a site that would host a modified Wii game?
This is not a fan remake. This just adds the 40 additional DLC episodes that were not available on the Wii edition.

Vimm's does have a hack/extra file label, but it does not look like they have any Wii games under that category.

BTW, the original (before modifying for the Wii) DLC files can be directly added to the PC version.