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Posted by Matman on .
Every system has a missing media page (here is the one for PS3) that is accessible from the respective Vault page.

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Hi, I have an interesting question for anybody that might be able to help. I've been archiving games for years and have just recently been archiving PS3 games (Thanks Vimm). While I have been googling for a variety of games from a variety of archive and rom sites, I have noticed on occasion that some games will show up on the Google Search with Vimm's site as a potential option for rom. Even though if you read the text below the search parameters; you'll see that the search query result is a request for the rom. Rather than an actual rom directory for that particular rom. I have nothing against this whatsoever. However, I would like to contribute to the site and upload some roms, particularly PS3. ((for now) since I'm in the process of "trying" to complete it (or at least the majority)) But since I archive so many roms over the course of the day. I lose track of which roms are actually on the site, and which ones are requested ones that the site doesn't actually have; but wants. After briefly looking over the site and noticing the Request Board. I was curious if there was a filter (categorized by systems), a separate tab, or maybe a spreadsheet of all the "wanted" roms. I also noticed on the requested roms, they have their own seperate page where you can just upload the rom file directly to the page and have been having trouble finding those specific pages on the site. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. If the the Request Board is the best option, then I'll start my digging.

Re: Requests - Categorized/Spreadsheets
psychopliskin -- 8/17/2023 3:26 pm UTC