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Re: Reduced bandwidth error

Posted by Vagabundox on .
Currently, The Vault is experiencing bandwidth issues with PS2, Wii, and Xbox consoles. They're likely working on it. Stay tuned for more updates. Like you, I'm also keeping an eye out as I want to download a few games.

In reply to: Reduced bandwidth error posted by jamesthekulha on .
I’m trying to download a Wii Game for dolphin emulator using Vimm’s Lair. The game won’t download, it stops after it installs for like 1 minute and once the download starts, it then says, it will take like 3 or 4 days for it to install which for me usually takes about 10 minutes. The game can’t be downloaded, it won’t let me install it. I have an error message that is displayed before I download my game, that says “August 18th: Downloads in the Wii Vault currently have significantly reduced bandwidth”. Is there anything I need to do to download my game or do I just need to wait till Vimm’s lair fix this problem? Plz let me ASAP.