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Re: Pikmin 2 - Game freezing

Posted by DerpySnake on .
Try checking the "Enable MMU" option in the game's properties. If that doesn't work, using the LLE Recompiler option in audio may help.

If all that fails, I've also seen that save states can cause crashes if they conflict with the days you're on.

Quote: "example: having a save state on day 9 when the game had auto-saved while going in a cave during day 10. the save state conflicts with the actual save data."

In reply to: Pikmin 2 - Game freezing posted by brishan90 on .
Hi im relitively new to this. Im playing Pikmin II for Gamecube on Dolphin and its fantastic but it keeps freezing everytime it tries to load a new location from a cut scene. I didnt have this problem yesterday.
Can anyone help?