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Re: Ads from this site devouring CPU......

Posted by ILikeFruits on .
Try these to see if it gets any better, It may look basic but a lot of times this simple solutions are the way to go:

Run task manager while you open only this website to see if your browser indeed is increasing its cpu comsumption.
And... do this as well: see if there is an specific process outside the browser, that goes high on cpu consumption after opening your browser, you may have a malware trying to mine data or currencies with your components.

Update your browser as well as OS, drivers and extensions.

Check for unknown browser extensions, see if you have a lot of extensions that may be making the browser misbehave.

In reply to: Ads from this site devouring CPU...... posted by MasterFox on .
So I don't always use ad blockers if I don't have to cause I know this site is funded by ads and I love to support it, however recently the ads have become so aggressive that without an ad blocker the site will literally hard lock my CPU at 100% and freeze up my computer. If this could be addressed I would love to go back to supporting this site.