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Re: Rom req - Knock 'Em Downs - World's Fair (USA)

Posted by Vimm on .
It's supposed to be here but keeps getting squashed in the nightly scan. It seems to be the only game with both a normal and NDSi release in the same region. I'll need to tweak the logic for a permanent fix.

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The details for the NDS ROM I looking for is as follows.
ROM name: Knock 'Em Downs - World's Fair (USA) (NDSi Enhanced).nds
Serial: TWL-VB3E-USA
CRC32 (decrypted): fe004fbe
MD5 (decrypted): 8a31e0a372a993a593935c89db7bdeab
SHA-1 (decrypted): f2ff65a51ce431a607148bb76b264f9588b219d5