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PDF generator seems to be fixed

Posted by dvd on .
Well, it looks like you fixed the issue with the PDF generator! :)
Today, manuals that were missing the last last page yesterday, now download with the last page.
Yeah! :)

In reply to: All mans missing last page when downloaded as .pdf posted by dvd on .

For some reason ALL of the NES (and SNES as far as I know) PDF manuals download all but the last page now? I know that some of these same manuals used to download including the last page (including some of the ones I sent in), and that if you view the manuals, you can see the last page, so I know this is not happening because you do not have the last page.

Maybe this is caused because of the credits page at the beginning takes up one page and throws a calculation off in your manual builder? Maybe you need to a 1 to a line of code?

Otherwise, the PDF manual generator & viewer is working really well now, although, I can't say the same for the .vlm...

If you are able to fix this, please post a message so I know when I should try to re-download some manuals.

Thanks for starting the manual project so many years ago.

Re: PDF generator seems to be fixed
Vimm -- 1/15/2009 1:05 am UTC