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Re: Upload Issues

Posted by Prometheus on .
Excellent. Just uploaded Ridge Racer 64 at 300 dpi (13 PNG images at 116 MB). Took about 18 minutes to upload. Downloaded resulting pdf at 300 dpi. Looks great.

A note on the scans: I applied a descreen filter during the scanning process this time to reduce that nasty moire effect (as seen in the Road Rash 64 manual I uploaded). It cuts down on the file size as well. Also, still scanning at max pixel depth. The color appears richer and image quality is much nicer. Reduces file size, too.

I'll have try a more hefty manual and see if that goes through as well.

In reply to: Re: Upload Issues posted by Vimm on .
Thanks for contributing and thank you very much for your feedback.

What you're noticing with your PNG DPI is just part of the specification. JPG stores resolution as dots per inch while PNG uses dots per centimeter. As a result there's a minor discrepancy when converting inches to centimeters. It's not always set correctly anyway so I go with the resolution you enter on the form and verify it later.

I'm always finding issues enabling large uploads. There's several places that enforce sizes and timeouts and unfortunately the lowest one wins. I've bumped up a couple settings and enabled more error messages, so please see if you can upload the higher resolutions scans now.