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Re: Scan Resolution not showing on PDFs

Posted by Elnauron on .
Ok, I'll keep that in mind when I get some additional material to add. I have some on the way in the mail at the moment.

Thanks for answering my question. =)

In reply to: Re: Scan Resolution not showing on PDFs posted by Vimm on .
Thanks for contributing to The Manual Project!

I always verify the DPI for accuracy whenever a new contributor submits their first work. With pdf's it's a bit harder since I can't get at the raw images without extracting them first, but I can still eyeball it in Acrobat.

If you're able, I encourage everyone to upload their work as zipped images so that everyone can view them in their browser without needing a pdf viewer.

Thanks for pointing out the Final Fight 2 entry, I'll clean that up.