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Hi All!

Posted by rich1275 on .
I'm a new poster to the forum and visitor to the site. I really like all I'm seeing, and the site and uploads and forum work quite nice (great work Vimm!).

I have quite a few manuals I'm not seeing on the site (scanning a bunch of old documents I have, and want to get rid of as much paper as possible, too much junk not enough room!) Anyway, is it possible Vimm to have a few new systems added for manuals? (PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360, etc)

Great site! For me, I was trying to avoid scanning any more manuals than absolutely necessary (as it is so time consuming), so I've been looking for existing scans I could work with. I recommend Irfanview as an image editor for anyone wanting to contribute, it worked well for me to help create my first upload (Xbox Operation Flashpoint).

Thanks again,