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Re: Higan not recognizing controller

Posted by Tricob on .
I haven't used Higan personally, but I imagine that anything marked lower than version 1.00 can be considered a "beta", and there are going to be some features missing. The documentation should tell you you a lot of what's to be expected in the final release, but there will probably be some things that slip through the cracks ... especially if the programmer hasn't used the particular controller you're talking about. :-)

- Tricob.

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In reply to: Re: Higan not recognizing controller posted by Vimm on .
Higan seems picky about controllers. My trusty Gravis Game Pad Pro works but it ignores my Gravis Xterminator. There's a new release (.98) that came out last month, so try grabbing that from the Emulation Lair and see if it makes a difference. If not there's always ZSNES and SNES9x.